Q: How long does the service take and what is involved?

A: The general process is that a Car will be dropped off to our Unit by its owner, or I will collect a car 
+ return with the car or just the wheels, to our Unit.   
Tyres, old inflation valves and weights are removed from the wheels.   
Generally, each wheel is then chemically stripped (to remove the previous coats of wet paint
or powder coat & lacquers) and subsequently shot blasted.  Each wheel is then prepared, to a
finite level of detail - in preparation for Powder Coating.
The wheels are then placed in our ‘State of the Art’, 10M x 3.5M - Water Wash Spray Booth & Oven,
to heat up to around 185 degrees C.  Once ready, the wheels are Colour Powder Coated the
Customers chosen finish; then stoved off and finally, a clear Lacquer Powder Coat is applied & stoved
off once again, prior to removal for cooling down.
Once the wheels are fully cool, we fit new tyre Inflation valves and re-fit the tyres. The tyres are inflated
& the wheels are digitally balanced - prior to being re-fitted back on to the customers’ car & the wheel
nuts being torqued appropriately.

Q: How long is the refurbishment guaranteed for?

A: At 1st Class Alloys, we are that confident with our experienced team & our extensive service process, combined with our World Class Powder Coat suppliers, that we offer a Market Leading TWO Year guarantee, on all the Powder Coat finishes we provide.   (T’s + C’s apply)

Q: Can you match original factory finish paint colours, to all cars?

A: In 99.9% of cases the answer is Yes. We have a vast array of different colour Powder Coats and also a large choice of standard and custom wet paint finishes to choose from.

Q: Can Custom / Bespoke wet paint finishes be carried out?

A: Certainly. It’s sometimes a challenge, but with our 21+ years experience in this Specialised Industry, we are market leaders in providing one off services and one off colours, in both Powder Coats and Wet Paints also.


Q: Can you Mirror Polish wheels and how long does this take? Also, is there much needed to maintain the bright shiny finish?

A: Yes and the time concerned, will depend on exactly you require to be Mirror Polished. Normally, if we are doing a total refurb’ & then Mirror Polishing also, I will advise customers they may lose their wheels for 2 or 3 days maximum. Normally, we turn the wheels around faster, but I would rather give a worst case scenario timescale. As for maintaining the bright shiny finish: I always advise that a weekly application of ‘Autosol’ style metal polish, is a basic requirement. This is to maintain the finish & also to protect the alloy from becoming dull or corroded etc.  I also supply ALL customers with a tube of the said metal polish, upon collection of their wheels, to assist them.

Q: I have a wheel that has been damaged & needs to be welded.  Can this be done?

A: Yes, it can be carried out. I have an Alloy Fabricator who can work wonders. He is a very experienced expert within his field & can straighten alloys that are out of shape or have flats-pots within. He can also weld alloy or steel wheels that have moderate to extensive damage or cracks.  He can also seam weld if required.

Q: Do you supply and fit new tyres?

A: Yes, we offer all customers very competitive prices, for supply and fitting of new Premium branded or Budget tyres. It’s the ideal time to carry this out task, after the wheels have just been refurbished. Prior booking of this service is advisable, wherever possible. This is solely to ensure we have in stock, the exact size and make of tyre that you require. However, most tyres can be sourced on the day.

Q: Do you fit new Inflation Valves after the Alloys have been refurbished?

A: Yes. There are numerous options for our customers. From the standard sized rubber valves, to the shorter sized rubber valves.  As well as, Chrome Sleeved with a chromed, metal dust cap. All of these options are free, with all wheel refurbishments.
Finally, we also offer an option of: Discreet and almost ‘Invisible’, recessed Chrome effect valves too. There is a small charge for these. Please confirm with a member of our team.

Q: Do you re-balance the Alloys after they have been refurbished?

A: Yes, we digitally balance all of our refurbished alloys. This is the last stage of the process, prior to re-fitting wheels back onto Customer vehicles.

Q: Can you supply new Alloy Wheels?

A: In a word, yes. Dependant on the Alloys you are after, we can source and supply a vast choice of Alloys, at very competitive prices. Prior selection and ordering, is strongly advised however.

Q: Do you carry out refurbishments, on 2 or 3 piece Split Rim alloy wheels?

A: On 2 piece Split Rims, generally - yes we do. It’s a time consuming & meticulous task, but one which we always rise to and complete. On 3 piece Split Rims, we will inspect the rims and discuss the matter direct with the client, on an individual basis.

Q: Do you offer a Courier service to pick wheel up from me and to return them to me, once they have been refurbished?

A: Yes, it’s a service which we can offer to all Customers.  Dependent, on their location in the UK or Overseas, if you email us - I will be happy to quote you for collection and return to you.  Please note that the costs for this service would be added to the final invoice price.

Q: Is it just Alloys that you can refurbish, or are you able to refurbish Steel or Magnesium alloys also?

A: We can refurbish all types of Wheels. Whether they are Alloys; Steels’ or Magnesiums, we can do them all, in our Standard or Custom range of finishes, as required by the Customer.
Our unit is also large enough, to allow access to small / medium Commercial and also Motor-home sized vehicles. Therefore, allowing us to carry out work on such vehicles also.

Q: What else can you Powder Coat?

A:  It’s not only Wheels that we can and have refurbished and Powder Coated etc.   In fact, if it’s metal, we can potentially shot blast and Powder Coat most things (dependant on size however).  We have done such items as: a 9’ x 2.5’, aluminium Space Frame chassis, for a Racing Car - to such items as: Motorbike wheels; swing arms, frames & other Motorbike parts; to Cycle frames and wheels; to an Aga type, cast iron cooker top etc.  Then to the somewhat extreme items, such as a period Suit of Armour and cast iron Parasol bases.  The limit is potentially endless...




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